Monday, November 12, 2012

Netlinked 11/12/12: The Dancing Man Will Be Absent From the Barclays Center

Those of you who have gone to enough Nets home over the years in New Jersey are bound to see that guy in the bright buttoned-down shirts dancing like an absolute maniac during timeouts. That guy's name is Phil Tozzi and he was a fixture at Continental Airlines Arena (later the Izod Center) and Prudential Center during many of the worst Nets seasons ever (think 12-70).

He won't be joining the team in Brooklyn at Barclays Center, however, because of a season-ticket disagreement with the Nets' front office. Signaling the general shift in professional sports from the fan-friendly days of yore to the money-making times of the present, the Nets wouldn't give Tozzi a hometown discount for his tickets so he could continue dancing in Brooklyn. But for those of us who remember him, Tozzi, and his dancing, will never be forgotten and will always be associated with the Nets, even if they were terrible for much of his heyday.

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